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Products – Welding Equipment

Cosmo stocks the latest and most advanced welding machinery, ensuring availability of all the equipment needed to take care of any welding type challenge.

Our range of machinery for advanced process welding is equipped with higher power factors and yields proven efficiency.

  • Power Wave Process Welders

    The technology for advanced process welders comprises the “Feature surface tension transfer process”. Its power source combines high frequency technology with advanced Waveform Control Technology to provide a better welding solution.

  • Flux-Cored

    Products – Mig/Flux Cored Welders its easy to set up and use. This welder can weld Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Flux-cored Wires. These welders are capable of have a high welding speeds resulting in effective time saving.

  • Engine driven Welders

    Combining welding with generator power, engine driven welders are the answer to a tough environment demanding high amperage.

  • Multi Operator Welding Systems

    Products – Multi Operator Welding Systems allow multiple operators to weld simultaneously. Power source racks and multiple arc systems allow you to connect several welders. This provides for faster working conditions and independent arc control using the Multi-Weld system or rack-mounted arrays of inverter welders.

  • Semi-Automatic Wire Feeders

    Semi-Automatic wire feeders are designed for MIG and cored wire welding. Therefore delivering meters of wire for any welding scenario.

    A range of inverter and transformer type welders is available for mild and low alloy steel welding applications. This is to provide maximum weld ability for a wide range of applications.

  • Stick welders

    Our range of both conventional and inverters Stick Electrodes welders are for mild and low alloy steel welding applications. It’s designed to provide maximum weld ability for a wide range of applications. One of the machines that we have in stock is The NEW Invertec® V155-, it offers much more than you would expect from a welder this size. It weighs just 6.8 kg, it really is dynamite in a small package. With 120/230V auto reconnect operation, the Invertec®V155-S can operate from a portable generator. It can also plug into a 200 foot (61 m) 230V extension cord so you can weld just about anywhere.

  • Submerged Arc Welders

    Submerged arc welders will provide maximum control over penetration in single or multi-arc environments. A range of portable tractor or semi-automatic systems is available. These welders facilitate the increase of weld team productivity, improved weld quality and reduced welding and operational costs.

    The automated welding process provides for the manipulation of certain motions of the welding arc by a machine, rather than a person.

  • Submerged Arc Wire Feeders

    Submerged Arch Wire Feeders – Welders that help increase your weld team productivity. Also improve weld quality and reduce welding & operational costs.

  • TIG Welders

    TIG Welders allow for highly controllable welding of outstanding quality. A special feature of the TIG welder is the ability to weld almost any metal. Welding very thin metal, which can be a problem, can be easily handled with these welders.

  • Fully and Semi Automated Products

    Automated welding is any welding process where certain motions of the welding arc are manipulated by a machine, rather than a person

  • Plasma systems

    Products – Plasma System; plasma cutting has made great advances in cut quality and is also the ideal cutting process for most applications.

    We have different welding and plasma torches that we can offer you as part of our products

  • Welding accessories

    Welding accessories for almost every type of material, component and welding task.  Cosmo Industrial offers the right torches and consumables for the job. Air or liquid cooled, for manual, semi- or fully automated applications.
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