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Cosmo Industrial has an accredited Lincoln workshop with six fully trained technicians to assist all our customers in all their needs. Not only Lincoln Welding Machines, but also all other welding machines, such as Miller, INE, Reflex, Honda Generator, Buddy welder, Mod weld, SAS welding machines etc. can be serviced and repaired.


Quotes done within three working days*


  • Machinery rebuilds and repairs
  • Engine driven welders
  • Tig machines
  • Mig machines
  • Buying of used welding machines
  • Repair of welding and cutting plasma torches
  • Repair of any plasmas

With 60 years of experience we can help you solve any of your welding problems. Rather than rebuilding your welder, you can have a better than new welding machine for the fraction of the cost.

Three month warranty on parts and labour


Fast on-site repairs and maintenance.
Contact us for a full on-site survey intended for:

  • Providing an overview of the on-site machines;
  • Compiling a repair and services proposal; and
  • Formalising the proposal into a contract once you are satisfied.

*In rare cases quotes might take longer due to prices not being available

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