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Welcome to Cosmo Group SA

In 1994 two strangers’ paths crossed and the decision was made to start a business in Silverton. Going door to door and selling welding rods was the plan.

From these modest beginnings as an entrepreneurial business based in a house, they started selling welding products, safety equipment and gas. They secured their first agency with Lincoln Electric. The Lincoln Electric agency was for welding equipment and consumables as well as Air Products for industrial gasses.

Over the years the selection to the products and services that Cosmo offers to its clients has grown considerably since 1994. Business partners were taken on board and although the heart of Cosmo is still in a small store in Silverton. Now Cosmo has become a beacon in Silverton.

Cosmo Group consists out of the following companies:

              Cosmo Industrial           Cosmo Automation Solutions 
             Cosmo Railways Supplies            Cosmo Manufacturing Supplies 
             Cosmo Mining Supplies            Cosmo Construction Suppliers   
            Cosmo Training Academy             Silverton Tool Centre




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