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Cosmo Group Product Returns Policy

  1. Return of non-faulty Cosmo Group products 

A "cool-off" period will be applicable for products purchased from Cosmo, as per the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008. Cosmo will give credit for non-faulty items returned within ten (10) working days (except for resellers/distributors or agents, refer to clause 1.6) from date of purchase under the following conditions:

1) Cosmo is satisfied that the gas has not been withdrawn and valve seals are intact.

2) It is a standard Cosmo item (excludes items ‘made to order’ or sourced for the customer).

3) Equipment and consumable items are returned as new with original packaging or containers undamaged.

4) Proof of purchase is required. Where the original sale cannot be traced in the Cosmo systems, items will not be refunded.

5) All returns will be checked and approved by the authorised Cosmo personnel before any credit is given.

6) Returns can only be considered and processed when the actual physical goods are returned/received at Cosmo. Returns of non-faulty excess stock will not be accepted.

 Special conditions that apply to non-faulty products

 1) Cosmo reserves the right to charge a handling fee of up to 25% of the invoice value for the return of goods.

Note: The handling fee will be deducted from the credit amount due. The return of empty cylinders will not attract a handling fee.

2) Credits for cheque purchases not returned on the day of purchase will be withheld until the cheque has been cleared by the bank.

3) Cash to the maximum value of R2,000 (incl. VAT) will be refunded upon a valid return of goods, if not returned on the same day. Refunds exceeding R2000 (incl. VAT) will be refunded by the reimbursement process.

4) Credit card purchases will only be reversed onto the card of purchase.

5) Goods purchased on credit will only be refunded to the customer’s account.

6) Cosmo staff must obtain the reasons for the return of the goods and contact details from the customer. Cosmo must supply to the customer a proof of return document for all goods returned.

7) Rental on cylinders returned within the ten (10) working day "cool-off" period will not be credited. Credit will only be passed for the gas contents of the cylinder at the price as indicated on the point of sale document.


  1. Return of faulty products 

The customer may return any faulty product within 6 (six) months of purchase or having accepted delivery thereof (or within such other period as may be specified by Cosmo having regard to the nature and properties of the goods concerned), if the goods are:

  • not reasonably suitable for the purpose for which they are generally intended,
  • defective,
  • not reasonably usable and durable,
  • if the goods have failed to comply with any applicable standard set out in the Standards Act No 29 of 1993.

 Cosmo has, at is discretion, the right to repair or replace goods or parts thereof which fail (fair wear and tear excepted) because of a defect in Cosmo’s materials or workmanship. If Cosmo carries out any repairs, covered under a current warranty or as requested by the customer, Cosmo will extend the warranty for a period of 3 months for the item repaired, which period runs from the date of replacement or repair.


  1. Return of faulty Hardgoods/Welding products 

In addition to the requirements of Clause 2, the following must be adhered to:

1) No credit will be processed if Cosmo can prove that the goods were not stored, transported or used according to recommendations and instructions provided by Cosmo.

2) A credit will only be passed once Cosmo has confirmed the reason for the fault and found it to be because of a defect in Cosmo’s materials or workmanship. However, if the fault is not because of a defect in Cosmo’s materials or workmanship, Cosmo has the right to charge the customer for any repair costs plus a handling fee of up to 25% of the sales value of the item. 

3) All credits processed will be stock and/or financial credits and the customer will be supplied with the replacement goods at the original purchase price.


  1. Return of faulty cylinders 

In addition to the requirements of Clause 2, the following must be adhered to:

1) All faulty goods will be investigated.

2) The customer to be informed that if the investigation concludes that Cosmo is not at fault or reason for return is deemed not valid, the customer must be charged for any replacement gas provided and may be charged a handling fee.

3) Where the customer requires a replacement. a replacement cylinder can be supplied, but no credit will be processed.

4) Where the customer does not require a replacement, a stock return note will be processed referencing to the original invoice at a zero price.

5) No credit will be processed if Cosmo can prove that the goods were not stored, transported, and used according to recommendations and instructions provided by Cosmo. 

      5. Return of clothing

Remember, you must present two documents when you return an item you've purchased online to our store:

  • Your dispatch note: This is given to you when your order is delivered.
  • Your original tax invoice. 

Please note:

  • If you do not have an invoice, we cannot refund or exchange your item.
  • We cannot accept items that have been altered or changed, unless there is a quality complaint unrelated to the alteration or change. 
  • Clothing may vary slightly in terms of specified colours, designs, dimensions, materials, measurements and other features to the extent that such variances are reasonable.
  • Courier cost for the return will be the purchaser's responsibility if you are not happy with the product ordered. 

How will I be refunded?

  • Your refund will be given against the original payment card as specified on your proof of purchase (your online dispatch note serves as your proof of purchase). For example, if you paid online with a credit card, your refund will be process to a credit card.

If you have any queries, please contact Shawn Bushby on (012) 846- 3300 or shawn@cosmogroupsa.co.za.

 We take this opportunity to thank you for your valued and continuing business.

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